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Charlotte Mayer FRSS, 1929 - 2022

Charlotte left Prague for England as a child in 1939. At the age of 16 she went to Goldsmiths’ College where she grasped the importance of form and structure from two particularly influential teachers, Ivor Roberts Jones and Harold Wilson Parker. She went on to the Royal College of Art where Frank Dobson urged her to "keep it simple". Her early sculpture was figurative and carved from stone.

A visit to New York in 1967 led to the creation of sculptures in welded steel, inspired by the scale and architecture of the buildings. In the 1970s a new interest in the natural world developed during family holidays on Dartmoor. First, a series of welded animals, then beautiful poised serene forms inspired by pods, leaves, shells and ammonites, with movement a significant characteristic of her work. ‘The Thornflower’, a sculpture, as Charlotte says, reflecting on ‘man’s inhumanity to man’ was recently donated through the Gallery to Coventry Cathedral. Born out of the death of Charlotte’s grandmother in Treblinka in 1942, it speaks of, according to Charlotte, “reconciliation, peace and oneness.”

Charlotte Mayer's work is represented in both corporate and institutional collections, and private collections in Europe, Japan and the USA. Public commissions include work for Banque Paribas in London.

1929 - 2022.

Charlotte Mayer FRSS, 1929 - 2022
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