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Joseph Hillier FRSS

Joseph studied at Falmouth College of Art, then at Newcastle University. After graduation Hillier held a research post at Newcastle University for a number of years, whilst making a series of exhibitions in the UK.

In 2000 Joseph received the ‘Year of the Artist Award’, from the Arts Council of England whilst completing his earliest publicly-sited projects. The following year Joseph won a scholarship and teaching role at Tulane University in New Orleans. It was there he made the group of works ‘Being Human’, which sold to a corporate collection. This funded Joseph’s first studio in London, where he completed the installation ‘Generation’, and held his first solo show in London at APT Gallery in 2005.

Invited for a solo exhibition with the Contemporary Art Society at the Economist Plaza, London, in 2007, Joseph has managed to balance his permanent publicly sited works with a strong exhibiting career. He has seventeen large-scale permanent installations nationally and internationally. The largest of these, ‘In Our Image’ (2009) stands at 16.7m tall, and has received considerable international press interest.

Joseph Hillier FRSS
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