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Rachel Butler

Rachel Butler is the Lettering Arts Trust’s eleventh Apprentice and is currently studying lettering design and hand letter carving with Master Carver Eric Marland as part of her two-year training.  

She gained a BA Hons in Illustration at Cambridge School of Art and has always been fascinated with calligraphy, letter design, letter carving and sculpture in different mediums, employing a variety of techniques. A five-day lettering course with Eric Marland and Tom Perkins ignited her passion for stone carving.

During her apprenticeship Rachel will develop an appreciation of hand lettering through exercises that involve developing formal tool skills, understanding the properties of different materials, studying historic conventions and lettering forms, as well as design principles so that she can eventually develop her own creative style. In addition there are practical considerations to learn such as stone fixing and installation.  She will also assist Eric in his studio to gain an insight into studio management. 

The Lettering Arts Trust is sponsoring Rachel’s apprenticeship.

Rachel Butler
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