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Zoe Singleton

After graduating from Goldsmiths College, London, I pursued a career in textiles working for large corporate companies before running my own holiday and events business. My long standing passion for geology led me to carving stone. Learning to carve stone felt like a natural way to express myself and the perfect link between art and geology. My inspiration for garden sculpture usually comes from natural forms and patterns and often from rock itself, I love fossils and strata and also find inspiration in my garden.

I love to draw and have found a great relationship between the charcoal stick with which I draw and the chisel with which I carve. With garden sculpture I like to carve boldly often experimenting with shape or texture in the design of sculptural forms. My drawings are the foundation of much of my work. I love the creation of chisel marks on slate and the deep textures I apply to Bath and Portland stone.

A passion for poetry and rhyme is the source of inspiration for letter cutting. I often include images and texture to convey the words selected and enhance the design and sentiment. Travel is also a design inspiration with recent trips to Morocco and the south of France influencing my work, as well as the beauty of the Devon coastline and moorland where I live.

Zoe Singleton
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