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Welcome to Rachel Bebb Contemporary!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Welcome to Rachel Bebb Contemporary, replacing The Garden Gallery, which has closed after 28 years. I am looking forward to seeing past and new supporters at RBC.

My new gallery will exhibit sculpture and ceramics for interiors, wood engravings, woodcuts, and other original prints such as linocuts, engraved glass, and letter carving on stone, slate and wood. Some examples of letter carving will be shown outside and are suitable for gardens. The gallery will hold two exhibitions a year in May and October, and will open by arrangement at all other times.

Annet Stirling - Earth

RBC will strengthen developing links with the Society of Wood Engravers and the Lettering and Commemorative Arts Trust, promoting the classic, timeless skills practised by members of these organisations. RBC will encourage and promote young and emerging artists.

An increasing number of artists are expressing concern about climate change and biodiversity loss. RBC will exhibit their work and encourage conversations about these issues, the biggest and most serious challenge we have ever faced. As the writer and traveller Barry Lopez said, “The central project of my adult life as a writer is to know and love what we have been given, and to urge others to do the same”.

Plans for the May 2023 exhibition are underway. The theme will be trees, lichen and fungi! In the meantime, please come and enjoy RBC’s first exhibition in October.

“For everything I feel a love,

The weeds below the birds above”

from John Clare’s ‘The Progress of Rhyme’

to be inscribed on slate for the gallery by Pip Hall

Rachel Bebb

August 2022

Merlyn Chesterman RE - Equinox Sunset



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