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Roberta Mason - Old Ice I (blown glass)

Rachel Bebb Contemporary is a new contemporary art gallery which will exhibit small sculptures for interiors, ceramics, wood engravings, engraved glass, original prints and letter carving on stone, slate and wood. Some examples of the latter will be shown outside and are suitable for gardens.

It replaces The Garden Gallery which was open for 28 years and will open in Broughton, Hampshire in October 2022.

RBC will continue to exhibit work by contemporary artists, both well-established and emerging. It will be supporting the Society of Wood Engravers and the Lettering and Commemorative Arts Trust in the encouragement of young and emerging artists, helping to preserve and promote the timeless, classic skills of wood engraving and letter carving.

New artists at the gallery, as part of a developing programme, include Neil Bousfield RE, Merlyn Chesterman RE, Blaze Cyan RE and Roberta Mason. Loyal regulars from The Garden Gallery will continue to show their work at RBC, including Lisi Ashbridge, Lotte Glob, Carolyn Genders, Pip Hall, Charlotte Mayer FRSS, Charlie Macpherson, Alyosha Moeran, Rosie Musgrave MRSS, Rebecca Newnham FRSS, Jackie Perkins, Antonia Salmon, Tracey Sheppard FGE, Roger Stephens MRSS and Neil Wilkin.

As climate change and biodiversity loss continue to threaten the planet, a number of artists are expressing their concerns through their work. RBC will be supporting and promoting these artists in their efforts.

RBC will hold two exhibitions annually, in May and October. The gallery will be open by arrangement at other times. I look forward to welcoming you to my first exhibition, opening in October 2022.

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