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Peter Furlonger

Peter works in collaboration with virtuoso glassmakers to produce exquisite individual pieces. A glassblower such as the Isle of Wight’s Carl Nordbruch creates a piece to Peter’s specifications and calligraphy is engraved on to this ‘canvas’. Inspirational formative influences include Eric Gill and David Jones.

The intricate illuminations of the Lindisfarne Gospels also have a deep resonance within Peter’s work. Text is often inspired by his love of poetry, and may be based on lines by William Wordsworth, W.B. Yeats or T.S. Eliot, but as Peter says: “You don’t read the text as much as feel it.” Peter’s work is held by the Victoria & Albert Museum, the National Museum of Scotland, Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, North Lands Creative Glass, Caithness, and the British Glass Foundation.

Peter’s 'At Prayer’, a framed engraving of a prayer written by Jane Austen, has, through RBC, recently been donated to St. Nicholas’s Church, Steventon, Hampshire, where Jane’s father was Rector.

Peter Furlonger
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