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Robyn Hardyman

I throw my vessels on the wheel. I make with porcelain, for its delicacy and strength, and the pure surface it offers for a glaze. My pieces are thrown thinly, with an attention to every detail, in pursuit of balance and harmony. The form is paramount for me; surface decoration is minimal – an incised line on a foot or a rim, or slip marks round the swell of a moon jar.

My work can be both functional and decorative. I relish exploring a palette of serene glaze colours and textures, a variety of surfaces to complement the restrained forms. This is an ongoing process; I find the thrill of experiment and discovery one of the greatest rewards in making.

I trained at Oxford City College and work from my studio in Oxford. I am a Selected Member of the Craft Potters Association and of Contemporary Applied Arts.

Robyn Hardyman
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