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Eye on the Artist - Carolyn Genders

The second in RBC’s new series focusing on the gallery’s artists.

Carolyn Genders ceramics

Carolyn Genders has exhibited at RBC, formerly The Garden Gallery, for many years. She is an established ceramic artist and printmaker, well known for her individual ceramic sculptural vessels and forms and her unique relief prints. The essence of her practice is the relationship of form, line, brushstroke and colour, evident in both her works in clay and on paper.

Carolyn Genders Scritch & Scratch I

Scritch & Scratch I (20 x 23 x 16 cms, £580)

She creates bold ceramic sculptural vessels and forms hand-built in white earthenware clay with surfaces of vitreous slips and burnished terra-sigillata, and one-off relief prints of abstracted imagery. She works by responding to both her material and to the rhythms of the form as she moves around inscribing marks, incising and scarifying through layers of matt vitreous slips and burnished terra-sigillata. Her finished pieces unite the physicality of working with clay and print with the potential of the created surfaces.

Carolyn Genders Scritch & Scratch II

Scritch & Scratch II  (17 x 20 x 13 cms, £440)

“My work comes from a place informed by my practice of looking and seeing - the interplay of colours, the counterbalance of textures, the energy of gestures and the constantly evolving pattern of my surroundings. My inspiration is internal, a conscious analytical series of responses to an ever expanding catalogue of understanding.”

Carolyn Genders Scritch & Scratch Pebble Form + Jazz Spiracle

Scritch & Scratch Pebble Form + Jazz Spiracle (13 x 18 cms & 9 x 12 cms, £240 & £200)

Carolyn is a Member of the International Academy of Ceramics, a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association and a Member of Contemporary Applied Arts. She exhibits nationally & internationally and her work is represented widely in private and public collections. In 2019 she was a selected ceramist in the GICB, Korea and the Westerwald Prize in Germany.  

Carolyn is the author of Sources of Inspiration (A&C Black 2001) & Pattern, Colour & Form (A&C Black 2009).


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