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Chelsea Flower Show and the colour of Spring

Roberta Mason - Porifera_Green (blown glass, ht. 27 cms). “This new green Porifera is inspired by a deep sea sponge discovered in 2005. It creates chemicals to protect itself which have been found to target and kill pancreatic and ovarian tumour cells (NOAA Fisheries March 2022). Scientists are now making these compounds synthetically, in the fight against cancer.”

May. A joyous month as the countryside billows with cow parsley and hawthorn blossom, and gardens spring into new life. The door to summer is opening. It’s Chelsea Flower Show week - the annual celebration of the glory of plants and gardens. At RBC many of the works of art on show sing the colours of spring and summer, and the fresh, vibrant greens which seem to be particularly evident this year.

‘Green’ is synonymous with environmentalism. It speaks of love for nature and the desire to care for and protect it. We have a Green Belt, now sometimes vulnerable, no longer secure. Politically, the Green Party keeps the environment at the forefront of its policies. ‘Green’ can mean new, inexperienced. Many of us this May will be revelling in searching out green shoots in our gardens, new life after a long winter. ‘Green shoots’ is often a metaphor for positive, exciting beginnings.

Neil Wilkin - Peatland (blown glass, 16 x 26 cms)

‘Leaning into the Light’, RBC’s current exhibition, showcases outstanding works of art about the natural world, inspired by its beauty, mystery, colour and life. I hope they will encourage and reinvigorate a desire to protect and nurture our “green and pleasant land”. Come and enjoy!

Sioban Coppinger FRSS - Hedera Halo (bronze, unique, 44 x 28 x 20 cms)



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