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Spring Exhibition 2023 - Leaning into the Light

Opening on 12 May, Leaning into the Light at Rachel Bebb Contemporary will show work by artists interpreting their thoughts about trees, fungi and lichen through a range of media. Sculpture, ceramics, original prints and letter carving will convey the beauty of the natural world, encouraging us to value, protect and nurture it

Marble Carving by Ben Russell

Increased attention is being focused on the many threats to the natural environment, caused by human beings through over-consumption. Many individuals and organisations are striving to combat these perils, raise awareness, and educate. Through books, podcasts, television and other media, we can learn to understand our place in the ecosystem, how to tread lightly and devour less. Climate change is teaching us about the vital importance of sequestering carbon in trees, grassland, peat bogs and oceans, for the survival of the planet and all the life it supports, including us. Anthropocentric behaviour continues to cause catastrophic biodiversity loss, which individuals and environmental groups are working to counteract. Knowledge and information is readily available as to how we can play our part, perhaps by supporting our local wildlife trust and ensuring our gardens are inviting habitats for bees, butterflies, insects, birds and small mammals. Involving children is paramount.

In his classic book, Arctic Dreams, Barry Lopez wrote of “making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light”. Art and literature can be great educators and many creative people are expressing concern for the natural environment through their work. Authors like Merlin Sheldrake, Suzanne Simard, Robin Wall Kimmerer and Robert Macfarlane reveal what has always existed, but is only being recognised relatively recently by a populace largely disconnected from the natural world - the fascinating relationships between trees, plants and fungi, and how they communicate, support and nourish each other.

New exhibitors at RBC in May include stone sculptors Zoe Wilson and Ben Russell, ceramic artists Bjork Harraldsdottir and Peter Beard, and printmakers Fiona Fouhy, Cameron Short and Kit Boyd.

Leaning into the Light runs from 12 May until 10 June 2023. See the exhibitions page for opening times. The gallery will continue to open by arrangement after 10 June.



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