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Did you know that 2022 is the International Year of Glass?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Launched at the UN in Geneva in February, this year is celebrating the contribution glass has made to cultural and scientific progress. Glass plays a vital role in optical fibres for communication, healthcare, including wound healing, and the production of clean energy through solar cells and in the creation of wind turbine blades. We can also be thankful to artists for playing their part and conveying the beauty of this versatile material. At Rachel Bebb Contemporary several talented artists are exhibiting glass sculpture and engraved glass. Roberta Mason and Rebecca Newnham FRSS are amongst several artists expressing concern for climate change and biodiversity loss through their work.

Roberta Mason

Roberta has a background in science and technology and creates her sculptures using traditional glass techniques. Roberta, a diver, says, “The transparency and movement of hot glass captures a snapshot of life in a way few materials can. My work is inspired by my underwater experiences, the language of bubbles and the amazing world of strange and wonderful marine creatures. I want to share this passion through my work and hope that, in the words of Rachel Carson, 'The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”

Ohana II (blown glass 40 x 47 x 30 cms on plinth of fossil limestone with battery light, £995 each or group of three on underlit plinth £3,100)

Rebecca Newnham FRSS Rebecca is represented in three museums, and private collections throughout the world. Her work has been selected for The New Glass Review, Corning Glass Museum, New York. “Orua beach is below a semi-tropical forest cliff near Auckland in New Zealand. The black, fertile soil washes down the slopes onto the beach and into the fine particles of pale sand, creating temporary riverlike delta and strata. We are becoming alert to the precious resource of our soil, and this piece clearly illustrates how darker, fertile particles are washed away so easily.”

Vermeer 37 Orua (glass, glass enamel, timber, 92 x 92 x 10 cms, £3,000)


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